Another sweatshirt love

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You know what multitasking is? It is to make shopping, photos and a new post in several hours! 
Our today's post is dedicated again to the biggest love of mine. Winter is coming, so, you should prepare yourself to see many sweatshirt outfits (at least on Randomchoicez): this one was shoot spontaneously several weeks ago, when even wearing a light jacket on the sweatshirt was a little bit too much (and too hot by the way)... 
It doesn't matter what the weather was like back then, the only thing that matters now is that winter's getting more and more real, bringing opportunities for legally practicing layering in all possible and impossible variations ;)

Sweatshirt - Zoe Karssen 
Monki shoes - Max&Co
Jumpsuit - TOPSHOP
Bag - Kenzo 
Jacket - rented from colleague and it was Asos
Sunglasses - ZARA


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