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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The fact that I have been involved in beauty "industry" for already 4 years certainly influences my perception of everything happening in beauty world. It's hard to be deeply inspired by novelties, it's difficult to find something really interesting and never-seen-before, and be surprised with the results I see after applying another creme, serum or lotion. But there are always exceptions of the most unbreakable rules and my love and devotion to Urban Decay is one of them.  

Shaking up the beauty industry for 15 years. How do you feel about this expression? Sounds cool and ambitious, right? But that's the best way to describe HOW Urban Decay works and what kind of beauty-products it provides.  Stylish, edgy and always one step ahead - that's what I love about them. 

Look at this palette named after Tarantino's chef-d'oeuvre Pulp Fiction. Every little detail of this 5-colored eyeshadows palette reflects the movie itself: the background, the names of the colors, the external design of the box, even the color of the brush. Consistency in details - that's what makes Urban Decay so special for me. 

It doesn't matter how many times other brands try to copy, repeat, reinvent and remake their eyeshadow palettes, say, "Naked" or "Vice".  I tried selflessly and insistently different copies of "Naked" anytime I saw the new testers in the promo-zones in perfumeries all over the world. And, you know what? No one was ever able to reproduce the perfect balance of signature textures, colors and design, and, I think, will never be. 

Be cool and unique honey bunny!


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