On how to be inspired by the simplest things

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anything can be a starting point for creating the outfit: you can see the most beautiful scarf, the weirdest pair of brogues, the sexiest ever pair of heels, the fluffiest coat or statement necklace and understand that around this exact piece you will build your fortress, read, outfit. What inspires you the most? Books? Travels? Interesting and self-sufficient people? Maybe clothes sometimes? Because the simplest and the most obvious inspiration for me, as a girl with a blog is beautiful clothes. 
You can be inspired by beautiful heroines from 60's and 70's, you can fall in love with femininity of 50's and disco vibes of 80's, but in the end of the day you go to the shop, you see that piece, and understand, that for the next couple of weeks or a month, THAT IS your biggest inspiration. To find yours and to catch the good vibes don't forget to visit Grandezza ;)

So what was the starting point for this outfit? Make a guess )
These brogues, ladies, and gentlemen. I love men-like shoes on women, even though men themselves do not share my love  (statistics shows).  Masculine is for men and feminine is for women, right? At least, that's how it works for the majority of people. 
Antwerpen-based Essentiel brand knows how to add irony into it's creations and makes it in the rightest and most pleasant way, at least for me. 
In 1999 Esfan and Inge, happily married couple and parents of two children, took their chance and launched a T-shirt collection on the market. The range consisted of four models in twenty different colors. The young couple's apartment served as a showroom, and the T-shirts sold like hot cakes. After a year, the first store opened in Antwerp. NOw the brand has it's boutiques in Knokke, Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven, Hasselt and Bruges.

Previously it was only possible to order Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry online, on different UK-and US-based sites, now it is available here, in Baku. No need to guess, whether your ears will suffer from wearing the chandelier earrings, or whether the stone color as it is on photo. Come, touch and buy it, if you like it )


Bracelets - Kenneth Jay Lane
Watches - Pierre Cardin 
Coat, sweatshirt, pants - French Connection 
Shoes - Essentiel 
Bag - Gianni Chiarini 



  1. eto palto mne ochen' ponravilos, no k sojaleniyu ono mne ne nujno, i ya eto ponimayu :(

    1. Чтобы не покупать то, что не нужно, сила воли должна быть больше, чем для походов в спортзал пять раз в неделю. Так что я завидую.

    2. hahah ya ego taki kupila (smeh skvoz slezi)

    3. Как жалко, сейчас не поносишь! Погодка не располагает.