How could I wear that Vol.II

Friday, February 20, 2015

Almost half a year passed since we made our first post named "How could I wear that". I feel that we move in the right direction, however, there's still a room to shape the style and learn on mistakes. 
No matter how hard you try to hit the bull's eye, sometimes you go all wrong with your choicez. 
So let's start our short recap. 
Some of these outfits could be saved, the others should be burned. Start the fire, babez!

1. I laugh at this outfit anytime I see it. Seriously! What was I thinking about while creating this "perfect" combination? Short shirt, metallic fringes, piece of body and skinny jeans. Hello 90's? Well, it is awful from any view: I should have either picked a little bit longer vest, or go for another shape of shirt, or wear them separately and not with these jeans (high-waisted model would look better). The only thing I know for sure is that something went wrong and this outfit is one of the best examples of my personal DONT'S.

2. Oh, hello short legs and black boots.  I wish we could have weather to go bare-legged and wear boots, but it's not the case for Baku... and will never be. So, it's better to keep heeled boots for late autumn and winter and wear them with tights, or go for something more casual (not this stiletto heel + pointed toe + black color) and try to rock the streets.
 However, if you don't have endless skinny legs, it's better to think twice about the contrast between the boots and the legs and prepare yourself to the fact, that your legs will look shorter. 

3. Looks like this color combination, bag, belt, shoes and coat shape add to your age around 10 years. If you are ready to live with it, then, choose the costume of this shape and texture. If you still don't feel like a teacher from 80's, then, never combine these pieces in one outfit.

4. I don't know what is wrong with this one. Maybe the fact, that I didn't have white sneakers back then.  

5. Don't be scared, everything is fine with this one except for the fact that I look like the girl from North Caucasus living in Moscow. You know, this long skirt+something black+small leather jacket combination.  

6. There are many beautiful pieces in this one, and they would work perfectly in separate, but my randomchoicez didn't work that time and resulted in creating vintage outfit suitable for taking part in movie about 50's extras. The golden rule for using vintage: 1 piece per 1 outfit. The golden rule for using clothes with allusion to vintage: 1 piece per 1 outfit. 
Wear this coat with pants and sneakers, or with complicated skirt and platform shoes and socks. Try the shirt with brogues and masculine vest. Wear the skirt with a crazy bright sweatshirt. Create the contrast => save the outfit. 

Sending you all the most inspirational fluids before the weekend,


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