Who is Stan Smith?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Finding these Stan Smiths wasn't as easy as it may seem, but the most sincere wish to possess them finally turned into reality. The result is simple: I have already made three outfits which will follow shortly,and I'm still not sure if it will be "enough" for them. So i ask you to forgive me beforehand for bothering you with various ilovesneakers posts on Randomchoicez. And the answer on the question in the caption can be found under the cut. 

So, who is Stan Smith? His portrait is no on the tongue of the sneakers alond with his signature and the model itself is "several decades old". Any ideas? Those who are into tennis will probably have more opportunities to give the right answer on this question. And the rest should thank Google for being in our lives:
Stanley Roger "Stan" Smith born in 1946 in California is a former world No.1  American tennis player. In 2005 Stan Smith was ranked as 35th in TENNIS magazine’s "40 Greatest Players of the TENNIS Era" list. 
No surprises that the tennis shoes (which Adidas X Stan Smith are), were named after the tennis player. One of the things worth mentioning though is that they actually weren’t always named after Stan Smith and for the first several years of their existence they had name of another tennis player: a French professional Robert Haillet, who retired from tennis in 1971. 
After that Stan Smith was approached by Adidas to endorse the Haillet shoe. 
The contract was signed, but for some time Adidas couldn’t decide whether these shoes should still be named Haillet, or the name should be changed to Stan Smith. 
For this reason the shoes produced between 1973 and 1978 had a controversial messaage: Stan Smith portrait on the tongue (which is still present on some models) and Haillet written right above it. The shoes were in such a high demand, that they made it to the Guinness World Records with 22 millions pairs sold in 1988. 

Though modern tennis players are not recommended to wear them to the court, we have a chance to be a little bit more sportive and classy while using them in creating day-to-day outfits.


Sneakers: AdidasXStan Smith 
Jeans: Alexander WangXH&M
Bag:Alexander Wang
Coat, turtleneck, sunglasses: Zara


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