Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My love towards sheer socks and striped T-shirts is eternal, unbreakable, and, hopefully, mutual. I can't stand buying the socks in all colors available in the shop. Luckily, the shops provide socks-maniacs like me with special offers: buy 3 pairs and get 3 euro discount, buy 3 more and pay even less. Well, these guys know how to make me spend more and think I save the money - all at the same time :)
Another weakness of mine is striped t-shirts decorated with prints, fringes, leather inserts... whatever you can imagine. Georgian designers, Lika Chitaia and Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili from Materiel Tbilisi, hit the bull's eye once again: oversized black and white or navy and white striped tops with red circle/black square or pockets of the same colors were in TOP of my personal "ask someone to bring it from Georgia" list for almost a month :)
Obviously, I found a victim to help me check the box.

Starring/ В главных ролях:

Top/ Топ - Materiel Tbilisi/Lika Chitaia
Coat/Весеннее пальто - Topshop Unique 
Socks/Носки - COS
Bag, pants, heels/ Сумка, брюки, туфли - everything can be found in previous posts, все их предыдущих постов.


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