Injection of freshness

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What do you wear on endless suffocating summer days? Sitting in your offices without any fresh air but with AC turned on to full power? I don't mean any of those minis or floral dresses or light pants and sheer tops, no (never!). I'm wondering how do you deal with it? Do you wash your hands or use some kind of revitalizing facial spray or mist, or, maybe, you drink cool water and eat cold melons and berries?
İ drink water, but after drinking it, comes the time of my personal injections of freshness: fragrances. It took me long to create my own "fresh portfolio", but even now I'm in search for some interesting and really fresh fragrances.
Let's start with what we already have and maybe you will share with me your own preferences and "saviors".
Discontinued fragrance "Aquawoman", Rochas (the first from the right). Those who are interested in perfumes and "how it all works" know, that this "discontinued" makes people go crazy, especially when it comes to fragrances. The scenario is obvious: first no one needs it, then everyone needs it and ready to pay double and triple prices. 
You can find it on eBay - testers, half-of-bottles, miniatures, and, sometimes, analogues, very close to "Aquawoman" scent, but not the same for 100%.
What about juice itself? Well, the name says everything: it's aquatic fresh, very lasting and not a single Teazzura can be compared to it :)

By the way, my intuition tells me, that sometime we will witness the highest ever demand for "Womanity" by Thierry Mugler... And this "sometime" will come as soon as it is discontinued. 
"Eau de Pamplemousse Rose", Hermes. It's always difficult for me to choose one fragrance from "Les Colognes", because all of them are beautiful and unique in their freshness and story. This one was created for 2 (both man and woman) in 2009 and built upon the citrus and rose notes ( those who know French can see it from the name). 
"Versense", Versace - another "green" juice, which is not niche, not discontinued, not as "complicated" as Hermes may seem. It's just a good full of citruses fragrance, which I bought long after it was launched (2009). I wonder, why no one suggests it like a fresh fragrance, because it's one of the "freshest" perfumes I've ever heard and trie: not a single note can be added to it, or taken out from it.
My precious "Le Jardin de Monsieur Li", Hermes is one of 5 "Les Jardins", and I could mention all of them, but decided to choose the latest one for this post. Kumquats and jasmine, this tasty and unrepeatable mix, that I want to apply and reapply and re-re-reapply it for many many times before autumn wins. It's beautiful in it's shape, color, in it's, of course, freshness, and it's pithiness.

Here is my list for Summer 2015. What is yours?


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