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Thursday, July 16, 2015

You know the story called "A permanent search for the perfect belt", right? Those who know, know, that it is very hard to find the right one. And the paradox of this "mission" is that it is almost impossible to find it in any price category.

The main problem for me and for the small army of desperate "hunters" like me, is that the most of the "belt-producers" can't keep the minimalistic style in every detail: leather, seam, cut, width and buckle. They always try to add little "somethings'' to the piece you wish could be almost invisible and very simple.
The logic behind it is very clear: our customers, being a part of the very "badge market", tend to focus on buckles and the simple one, without shop-window-like decoration on it, is not considered to be attractive. 
If no one knows, that you paid for your accessory several hundred euros, then, why the hell you need this accessory? The simple knowing that you did it is never enough, as you need kind of the silent approval and "applauds" from the public (Hey, you are the coolest, but I've seen almost the same Gucci/Chanel/Dsquared2/LV/Ferragamo in the underground). 
Yes, unfortunately, the key elements of the designers collections, either the most recognizable or the classy ones, are the most imitated.
You got to live with the fact that you'll never be the single owner of the H-buckle Hermes belt. 
Everyone needs to choose the lesser of the evils, and if you already did it, may your first laconic belt open the doors for the real flow of the belts into your life.


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