Stripes and metal and errrrrthing

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Do you love windbreakers? I love the word "windrebreaker" more than the clothing piece itself, but this perfect metal orange was an exception. First met it back in spring 2015, but always believed, that it would wait for me through all difficulties: discounts of 30, 50, and, at last, 70%.
Obviously, it did!

So if you don't know, what to wear, wear a dress, and a stupid coat and a backpack, and little heels (there are soooo many of them in all price categories and on all online-shopping sites). Actually, it would be better to wear the slides with this one, but we are "talking autumn", right? 
That means, we should comply with the season. 

Starring/ В главных ролях:

Shoes/Туфли - Marni 
Dress/Платье - Sisley
Windbreaker/Куртка - Max&Co
Sunglasses, backpack/Очки, рюкзак - Zara
Earrings/Серьги - Sokolov


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