Why not to wear white in autumn

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yes, the question is, why not to wear white in autumn, or even in winter. White midi dresses, white knitted sweaters, white pants made of thin wool, white errrrthing with (or without) little black somethings - that's what you can wear this season and could wear one year ago. 

So, here is one of numerous options of how to make it with white jeans. If you are not sure, what to wear on top, use the stripes: they will tie the whole outfit together without dividing it literally on black and whites ;)

Jeans - Emporio Armani 
Shoes - Marni 
Leather Jacket - Stefanel 
Striped t-shirt - Aka Nanitashvili 
Sunglasses - Valentino 


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