Something cropped something long

Monday, September 19, 2016

Instead of answering in comments, whether I did wear it like this consciously or accidentially, I will start the post with the answer: I didn't tuck the shirt absolutely consciously. Thank you for understanding :) for now it is the only and the rightest way (for me) to wear this kind of lengths together in one outfit. 

Temperatures are likely to bounce back and forth, we will start freezing in a couple of weeks, so everyone should adjust the wardrobe accrodingly. I will dedicate a separate post to the pieces from summer wardrobe that should necessarily be moved to the autumn one, and if we talk about this particular outfit, the loafers are the thing.


Shirt - Banana Republic 
Culottes - Max&Co 
Loafers/ Slippers/ Whatever you call them - Gucci 


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