If you want to turn yourself into a proud samurai warrior...

Monday, December 4, 2017

...read Shia LaBeouf Twitter to know, what you should do then :) Shia has real advices for all of the weirdest life circumstances and the best part of the story is that he practices what he preaches 3:)
If you want the clothing piece to look cool, buy it even in massmarket and bury it along with the rest 1726375126547 pieces in couple of seasons (because no one buys only 1 piece in massmarket shop).
 If you want to have one thing for years, then run away from the mass shops, save money, eat nothing well and buy some quality coat/jacket/whatever, that will not necessarily cost you a fortune. This coat and these jeans almost 4 years ago.


Coat - Kenzo 
Boots - Zara
Faux leather Jeans - Diesel
Bag - ZZOR Baku 


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