Love is LEVI'S

Friday, July 5, 2019

Long time no see and long time no outfit post?
I've been a super duper lazy ass recently and can't say much about myself or RandomChoicez. 
So just take another look at LEVI'S tank top and OFF-WHITE sandals.


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Jewelry brand for any occasion and for everyday living is how you can characterize newly born handcrafted  brand Le_Prototype_Jewelry
I always say that if I had 10 more fingers, each of them would have couple of rings on it. I can scroll down the images of different rings/ earrings/ whatever for hours, and it is not a surprise that Instaalgorithms give me more and more of these beauties =)
From idea born in 2018 to its realization in 2019 -  people behind Le_Prototype create unique, one of a kind jewelry pieces, impossible to repeat for 100%. Each piece includes one or two or three? of many natural gemstones carefully picked and brought from all over the world. So the geography of your, first and last of this exact shade, gemstone can start in India and end somewhere in Russia.

Polka dot

Monday, July 1, 2019

Брюки больше не превращаются в шорты, зато шорты мастерски прячутся под легкомысленными платьями в горошек с запАхами. Идея для тех, кто сторонится девочкости, как это делаю я.